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Audit & Assurance

We’ve been providing assurance services (Audits, Reviews, Compilations, and Agreed Upon Procedures) in Middle Tennessee for decades. Our goal is to provide high quality assurance, provide valuable feedback to ownership and management on processes and make the process as least disruptive as possible during the process.

Nonprofit Audits

Nonprofit accounting can be complicated, and you need a firm that knows the nonprofit accounting intricacies. The state of Tennessee requires a nonprofit submit an audit report with their charitable solicitations filing if their receipts exceed $500,000. We provide those audits, and we often give advice along the way. Be sure to check out our nonprofit page to see our other great nonprofit services.

Business Audits and Reviews

We provide audit services to small and medium-sized private businesses who understands the true value that thorough and objective audit services can bring to an organization. Through our constructive approach to accounting and auditing, we study each client’s business and are often able to serve as valuable and objective advisors. Our goals include helping our clients increase operational efficiency, identify potential problems before they arise, and improve profitability.

Contractor Services

If you are applying for a contractor license with a limit up to $1,500,000 in the state of Tennessee you will need to have a review performed to submit with your application. We can help you with that process and provide the review. Need an unlimited contractor license in Tennessee? You’ll need to have an audit performed, and that’s where we can help. Once you get your unlimited license you’ll need to have a review every two years, and we can help with that too.

Financial Reviews & Compilations

Our firm also performs reviews and compilations of historical financial statements for our clients. Both a review and a compilation are substantially less in scope than an audit performed in accordance with generally accepted audit standards, but they still provide financial statements representative of management. A compilation only presents financial statements that are the representation of management. A review presents the same representation, but analytical review, questioning of personnel and other procedures are performed on the financial statements enabling us to determine whether there is a substantial departure from that representation. Sometimes you may need agreed-upon procedures performed or other reporting services. In these situations, we can examine, review, or apply agreed-upon procedures to subject matter or assertions about subject matter.

Simplicity through Technology

We employee the latest techniques and technology to ease your burden and disrupt your business as little as possible. You and your staff will enjoy working with our modern suite of collaboration tools and techniques.

Partners & Managers

Jeff Hausman, CPA

Jeff has been part of the Nashville Community since 1984. After graduating fr...

Jami Pope, CPA

Jami is one of the members in charge of attest services. In the attest field,...

Michael McKerley, CPA

Michael started his accounting career in 1986 after graduating from the Unive...

Patrick McInnis

Patrick is a senior accountant in our audit/attest department where he spends...

Nick Bellenfant, CPA

Nick Bellenfant is currently a senior in the audit department where he spends...

Stephanie Richerson, CPA


Kels Fitzpatrick, CPA

After spending twenty years in nearly every capacity of a small family busine...

Nessa Ensey, CPA

Nessa is a manager in the audit department. Prior t...

Jessica Gillis, CPA

Jessica is an experienced auditor with industry expertise in not-for-profits,...

Catherine Denson, CPA

Catherine is a senior manager in the audit department with over thirty years’...

Seniors & Staff

Olga Smith

Olga started as a staff accountant in 2016 and enjoys working with audit, tax...

Liz Haynes

Liz is a senior in the audit department. She started her accounting career af...

Parker Darnell

Parker is a staff account in the Audit department.  He recently relocated to ...

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